What We Do

In 2018, Wild Awakening will take a group of 9 teenage boys (ages 13-16) to hike the '100 Mile Wilderness' and summit 'Mt. Katadhin.' Every day we will hike between 4-12 miles, depending on weather and the intensity of trail. 

A fundamental backbone of the program is the daily practice of Kundalini Yoga and meditation. Specific kriyas will be taught and practiced throughout the expedition to give the participants an opportunity to experience of their true strength. The teenagers will leave the program with a basic toolkit of Kundalini Yoga to use when they need.

Participants will be given time and prompts daily to reflect in their personal journal. This space will allow them to dive deeper into self-reflection and promote growth. Daily, we will meet around a fire to discuss the prompts, share stories and feelings, create music and sing mantras, and enjoy the feeling of exhaustion after a long day of immersion into the wild!

We will break into small groups of 3 participants to 1 guide throughout the day (groups rotate) to perform these tasks:

  • Group 1 - Chefs - These participants will work with our guides to prepare delicious, nutritious meals for everyone. They will practice proper sanitation, safe cutting technique, cooking over an open fire, and food combining. They will learn about rationing and planning for backcountry trips. They will also learn about fueling the body with a vegetarian diet. Sample Menu Here!
  • Group 2 - Primitive Skills - With Darryl's instruction, this group will practice shelter building (including knot tying) and fire making using primitive methods (i.e. using a bow and drill, and flint/steel). This group will create our 'common space' when we reach camp or places to rest.
  • Group 3 - LNT Rangers - With Michael, this group will make sure we are practicing Leave No Trace methods. We will be in charge of bear/animal proofing our food and gear when we arrive to camp. We will find clean drinking sources to collect water and to purify it for the group. We will manage our trash use and storage, and create an ecologically friendly area to use as a toilet. 

During periods of rest or in picturesque places, we will practice wood carving and utensil (spoon/bowl) making, camouflaging, identifying edible foods, and creating rope using natural material.

There will also be space to practice Tai Chi and other martial arts under our guide's istruction, as well as play in nature! 

Wild Awakening will serve many participants as a rite of passage into living as responsible human beings. Wild Awakening empowers teens to live a life of strength and truth. Participants will leave the program with solid life experiences and an array of therapeutic and practical tools to help them at home.